This site is a space for practical visionaries to share their stories of transformation. It is centered around the work that I do to nurture practical visionaries and build community partnerships as a Senior Lecturer at Tufts University’s Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning (UEP). While it functions as my faculty web page, it also provides space to share and amplify the stories of the many people and organizations that make up the web of relationships that I (and Tufts UEP) are enmeshed within. While we are mostly anchored in Greater Boston’s lower income communities and communities of color, we also feature the stories of friends and allies beyond who are inspiring us. These stories include shorter reports on people, places, projects, and events, as well as more in-depth analysis and research. By sharing these stories, we hope to provoke, challenge, and inspire others who believe that other worlds are possible and who are cultivating the other worlds that are already here.