Fight AND Build

Our communities are resisting and reforming historical structural inequities and oppression. But in these struggles, dreams of more sustainable, just and democratic ways of living are born. We are shifting consciousness of what is possible, building political power, and seeding the economic practices that go beyond the world as we know it. Here, we make visible transformational work and aspirations, not only ones that are emerging, but some that are deeply rooted in indigenous ways and historical cultural practices. We analyze and critically assess the visions, strategies, and programs to help support and further build these transition movements.

Solidarity Economy Initiative
The Solidarity Economy Initiative (SEI) is a Massachusetts-based project that creates space for grassroots organizers working in working class communities of color to lead a Just Transition to a Solidarity Economy.

Center for Economic Democracy
CED is a US social movement building organization, growing capacity in our  communities to transform American capitalism into a more just, sustainable and democratic economy.

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