Theory AND Practice.

Through daily survival and historical struggles, communities are developing knowledge through action. As a professional graduate program, Tufts Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning Department (UEP) aspires to educate practical visionaries. Together, UEP and its community partners are joining theory and practice to create knowledge that is usable and democratic and makes a difference in the world. We are forging deep and long-lasting place-based collaborations that are blurring the boundaries between town and gown.

CORE Partnerships
Co-Research/Co-Education (CORE) partnerships is a multi-year engagement with community-based organizations that integrates teaching, research, and practice to create transformational learning opportunities and contribute to community change.

Teaching Democracy
Teaching Democracy is a train-the-trainers program for Tufts students, faculty, and community partners to build their capacity in popular and community-based education methods.

Upham’s Corner Action Research
This project with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative explores how civic engagement can strengthen community capacity for control over land use and economic development in Boston’s Dudley neighborhood.

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A report assessing the Co-Research/Co-Education (CORE) partnership between Tufts UEP and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is now finalized! In
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How does community participation influence community development and the residents who engage? How can civic participation be strengthened so that
In Spring 2018, Alice Maggio, David Morgan, Nicole Huang, and Zoë Ackerman partnered with members of the Urban Farming Institute
By Zoë Ackerman Teaching Democracy is a train-the-trainers program and web platform for building the capacity of Tufts and community
Each summer, two Tufts UEP graduate students work with community partners for a 10-week fellowship through the CoRE (Co-learning/Co-education) partnership. 
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