Solidarity Economy in Massachusetts – forthcoming article

This manuscript on emerging solidarity economies in Massachusetts by Penn Loh and Boone Shear will be forthcoming in the journal Community Development. Solidarity Economy (SE) is a movement that can build power within and across scales and win supportive policy and public resources. Using the development of SE in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, Massachusetts asContinue reading Solidarity Economy in Massachusetts – forthcoming article

Wellspring Collaborative article [repost]

Wellspring Collaborative’s worker-owned upholstery business provides entry-level jobs to underemployed inner-city By Laura Newberry | SPRINGFIELD – When Carlos Perez moved from Puerto Rico to Waterbury, Conn. in April 2012, his main priority was finding good work. Perez could barely speak English and soon found that the language barrier would be an impediment toContinue reading Wellspring Collaborative article [repost]