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Practical Visionaries Workshop: Spring 2013

Popular Education for Building a New Community Economy

Launched in spring 2011, the Practical Visionaries Workshop (PVW) brings together Tufts Department of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) and community partners in Greater Boston to share, learn and develop strategies for “justainable” (just and sustainable) cities. For more information, see

The 2013 spring workshop will explore new visions for the community economy and how bring this visioning process to our communities. We need real economic development that can meet basic human needs, generate shared wealth and ownership, and sustain the health of people and planet. We know that Walmart and other big box developments are not the answer. We know that we already have some of the building blocks. And we draw inspiration from other efforts across the US and globally to build a solidarity economy.

The requirements for the Spring 2013 Workshop include:

  • Eight 3-hour sessions from mid-January through April, with locations alternating between Tufts campus and community partner locations. The actual day/time will be set once we know who is willing to commit. Sessions will include mix of discussion, guest presenters, interactive exercises, relationship building, and report-back to community partner groups.
  • Shorter readings and short written journals will be assigned (average of 1-2 hours prep per session).
  • Community partner organizations are expected to support their leaders to participate (such as giving paid employees time off to participate).
  • Practical Visionary Fellows are expected to bring the learning from the Workshop to a broader group within their organizations at least once during the Workshop period.

For more information or to nominate yourself (or someone else), please contact Penn Loh (, 617 627-4608).

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