Economics for Emancipation Podcast

Center for Economic Democracy has released a 4-part podcast: Economics for Emancipation. I had the privilege of appearing on Episode 2 with Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson. Our 45-minute segment is called: There’s No Such Thing As The Economy.

In this episode, Penn and Kali offer provocative ideas on how we relate to the economy. They also discuss what we can (and must) learn from our current responses to crisis and disaster, to prepare our communities for other crises in the future.

Listen to the entire series, which also includes:

Episode 1: On Black Resilience and Being Loved
Feat. Nia Evans and Jessica Norwood

Episode 3: To Become Ungovernable
Feat. Gopal Dayaneni and Elena Letona

Episode 4: Breathing Life into Democracy

Feat. Nwamaka Agbo and Francisco Perez

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