Fall 2015 Community Practicum Explores Community Control and Ownership Strategies


The theme for the Fall 2015 UEP Practicum was “Community Control and Ownership Strategies for Boston, with a specific focus on the causes of displacement, theories of community control and “the right to the city”, solidarity economy and economic democracy frameworks, and community land trusts.

The Community Practicum class strives to deepen university/community co-learning models by allowing graduates students to collaborate with community partners on projects that address critical needs towards a more just, democratic and sustainable community.  

The Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network (GBCLTN) served as the primary community partner.  GBCLTN is a network of community groups in the Greater Boston area including the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), the Coalition of Occupied Houses in Foreclosure (COHIF), and Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFI).  The Right to the City Alliance Boston and the Center for Economic Democracy served as additional community partners.

Final projects for the class included the following topics:


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